Effective Retreatment & obturation
with XP system and Bioceramic sealer

This hands-on course offers training in non-surgical retreatment

under microscope, with new three dimensional files that allow for effective and easy gutta percha removal from the canals. The key to successful retreatment is adequate disinfection. In order to allow for

irrigation and medication to be effect against  the persistent intracanal infection, the previously filled gutta percha and sealer have to be efficiently removed. XP file system has proven to be an excellent tool to achieve this aim. Along with finisher files the re-instrumented canals are cleaner both of debris and biofilm. After biomechanical instrumentation, obturation technique with bioceramic sealer and gutta percha will be demonstrated to reseal the canal hermetically.

Participants are requested to bring on up to 4 previously filled and
accessed extracted teeth with them. By the end of the session the

participant should be able to remove gutta percha, instrument and obturate 3-4 natural teeth of various complexities in an adept structured workflow, which is repeatable, and easily transferable to

their clinical practice.