Endodontic micro-surgery mannequin training

This intensive course offers hands-on training in step by step
execution of microsurgery.

Participants will learn all microscope
adjustments, optimal operating positions, usage of ultrasonic
instruments for isthmus and root-end preparations, root-end filling of
canals with bioceramics. Concise training exercises are designed to
familiarize participants with working comfortably under the surgical
operating microscope and latest microsurgical instruments and their
effective use.

The session will begin with adequate Microscope focus,
parfocal, and position exercises for each section of the mouth. Then
simulating private practice setting, participants will practice
osteotomy, apicoectomy, ultrasonic root-end preparation and root end
filling on dental mannequins.
Each participant will complete microsurgical techniques on at least
two teeth of their choice. The hands-on is tailored to the skill of the